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custom gun parts - built to win -


100% engineered & crafted in germany



R-bolt TT®-ta-C coated for the 919® madass  

  • coating structure: hydrogen-free, tetahedral, amorphous carbon, sp³ content adjustable above 85 %
  • hardening: 4500–7000 HV, adjustable
  • e-modulus: 300–450 GPa, adjustable
  • coefficient of friction: 0.05–0.10 (dry on steel)
  • wear coefficient: 1*10-8 mm³/Nm (dry on steel)
  • temp. resistance: 400– 500°C in air, <800°C in vacuum
  • coating thickness: 0.1–4.0 μm


T-bolt titanium nitride coated 

  • coating structure: monolayer PVD
  • hardening: 2200-2600 HV, adjustable
  • e-modulus: 251 GPa, adjustable
  • coefficient of friction: 0.4–0.9 (dry on steel)
  • temp. resistance: 400– 600°C in air
  • coating thickness: 1.0–3.0 μm


cad draft of our new SFX front end for the 919® madass

3D printed with scalmalloy®

the highest strength aluminium alloy available for additive manufacturing



nice SFX front end on the silent9


3.3 splitmaster

smooth operator buffer system for .223 and 9mm systems

radical race receiver for the 919 series

hyflow 3.7 titanium gasblock 

9mm smartbolt gasop 

receiver & chassis for the 11er & wild thing series

coming soon:



staccato rimfire trigger group for the 11er & wild thing series,

compatible with all 10/22 systems


nico9 ultralite #2 ironman cn coated aluminium comp for the 919 series.


nico22 ultralite #2 ironman cn coated aluminium comp for the rimfire series.


we are currently running some r&d on low friction coating of parts

with nickel boron nitride, titanium nitride or dlc. 


coated bolts, receivers, buffer systems including buffer tubes for the 919 series

will be available soonest.