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"schogerized" custom gun parts - built to win -


100% engineered & crafted in germany



R-bolt TT®-ta-C coated for the 919® madass  

  • coating structure: hydrogen-free tetrahedral amorphous carbon,                                      sp³ content adjustable above 85 %
  • hardening: 4500–7000 HV, adjustable
  • e-modulus: 300–450 GPa, adjustable
  • coefficient of friction: 0.05–0.10 (dry on steel)
  • wear coefficient: 1*10-8 mm³/Nm (dry on steel)
  • temp. resistance: 400– 500°C in air, <800°C in vacuum
  • coating thickness: 0.1–4.0 μm


T-bolt titanium nitride coated 

  • coating structure: monolayer PVD
  • hardening: 2200-2600 HV, adjustable
  • e-modulus: 251 GPa, adjustable
  • coefficient of friction: 0.4–0.9 (dry on steel)
  • temp. resistance: 400– 600°C in air
  • coating thickness: 1.0–3.0 μm


moab - the mother of all bolts

  • incredible colours
  • dirt-repelling slick surfaces
  • 100% reliable dry operations guaranteed
  • outstanding tribological properties
  • maximum hardness adjustable to almost 7000 HV


works perfect with your appropriate Speed Doctor® PVD-coated firing pin


  • tinpin9 titanium nitride coating
  • tacpin9 tetrahedral amorphous carbon coating

3.3 splitmaster

smooth operator buffer system for .223 and 9mm systems

radical race receiver for the 919 series

#2 nickel high-phos coated receivers and #12 nickel boron nitride coated bolts

#8 bnb black nickel bitch low-phos coated receivers

receiver & chassis for the 11er & wyld thing series

coming soon:


here we go!

the new top secret "paperweight project" for the 11er

these are real nice paperweights!

FNB's and FNC's      

FNB stands for fancy nancy barrel

they are made from 1.4021 stainless steel with a very special coloured tac-coating

most probably they will be available for the wyld thing as well

it's gonna look like a wylde cameleon

guess what FNC stands's nice but secret.....

for incredible fast double taps

they look like a sparklemuffin as well

11" fluted bull barrel .22 bentz chamber el22presidente comp


service recommendations:


Due to the extreme low weight of the guns, they have a slight tendency to be ammo-sensitive.

Especially at low temperatures, we strictly recommend to warm up not only the .22 subsonic ammo.


We have special "slowmow" buffer or recoil rod springs available. 


Extractors and firing pins should be checked and changed on a regular basis, minimum once a year.