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custom gun parts - built to win -


100% engineered & crafted in germany



3.3 splitmaster

smooth operator buffer system for .223 and 9mm systems

radical race receiver for the 919 series

hyflow 3.7 titanium gasblock 

9mm smartbolt gasop 

receiver & chassis for the 11er & wild thing series

coming soon:



staccato rimfire trigger group for the 11er & wild thing series,

compatible with all 10/22 systems


nico9 ultralite nickel boron coated aluminium comp for the 919 series.


we are currently running some r&d on low friction coating of parts

with nickel boron, nickel ptfe, titanium nitride or dlc. 


coated bolts, receivers, buffer systems including buffer tubes for the 919 series

will be available soonest.