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our 22 race gun for dynamic steel shooting

barrel weight 399 grams 




  • receiver          tactical solutions

  • bolt                 tactical solutions

  • trigger             timney

  • barrel              16,75" carbon SPEED DOCTOR GTB 300 series

  • chassis           SCHOGER-ARMS 1522 mainframe

  • rear end          SPEED-DOCTOR CRX carbon or foam

  • grip                 hogue overmolded

total weight below 1500 grams

for triggers, grips and colours we have various options

delivery time appx 3 months


coming soon.......


with a 11" carbon tension barrel

the total weight is still top secret...... somewhere far below 1500 grams.......


these hotties are "street legal" for competition shooting in germany! 






schoger-arms 919-600 series


this used to be the lightest 9mm pcc on earth, barrel weight 607 grams

still a premium choice for dynamic steel shooting


with "almost nothing" supralight components, total weight 2541 grams



  • upper              hera 9er standard

  • bolt                 hera 9er standard

  • lower              hera 9er standard

  • trigger            uhl match
  • barrel             16,75” hera almono supralight

  • barrel nut       speed doctor titanium

  • handguard     12” speed doctor cfx carbon 

  • stock              speed doctor crx carbon

  • buffer             hydraulic blitzkrieg with polished spring

  • grip                we like the hogue overmolded 


rear end can be customized  as well, looks great with arfx skeleton or hera cqr

for bolt & buffer we can offer a jp enterprises solution

for colours choose your prefered cerakote h-series


we have some nice schoger-arms custom colours available

sarm#1 fgb fat gun bronze 

sarm#2 bmi blue moon iridium


coming soon.......

the first rifles will be ready for sale in june 2018


featuring the new 10" hyperlight barrel

total weight of the rifle is below 2400 grams

this will be the lightest 9mm pcc on earth, barrel weight 444 grams