we support:

ipsc, big bore & gun nuts of any kind


unfortunately we cannot support:

gun-grabbing libtards


we craft:

finest race guns in town


we believe in:

global arming rather than the global warming bullshit

more arms – less crime


the final solution:

the ggga program in co-operation with nba fair trade


our good guy global arming program incorporates the nothing but arms fair trade initiative relating to all ldc-countries

least developed countries is concerning the gpm-rate

german gpm-rate (guns per million) is counting however only registered arms

the rate is currently 65.853, which is far too low 


bavaria, switzerland, serbia, texas and vermont are performing much better


the count of non-registered arms is an estimated four times higher


this program is essential because a bad guy with a gun can only be stopped by a good guy with a gun


nba fair trade is incorporating door to airport air cargo services to almost any country on this beautiful pale blue dot


it may not be cheap, but very reliable


handling is including bafa export licensing & german export aes declaration.


we are proud: 

to be bad-assed


we must clearly emphasize: 

If you voted for uncle cem & friends, your business is not welcome

don't juncker on our gun law!


You can have my gun – when you can pry it loose from my cold, dead hand
(Charlton Heston, 1923-2008)


we recommend:

don’t take this too serious!